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In 1996, we started a business with a vision to become a leading high-performance engineering group with a sound business acumen and a world-class team.

Since that date, we’ve worked towards this vision, making world-class components, assemblies and sub-systems using hi-tech composite materials for some of the most challenging engineering environments.

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building a career

Manufacturing a range of complicated and challenging components and assemblies, at the pinnacle of high-performance engineering, we are recruiting across a number of different disciplines.

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Advanced composites in 2016

There's an exciting year ahead for our industry. We asked three members of staff to share what excited them the most.

2015 - another superb year for epm: technology

As the end of 2015 approaches, it’s time to reflect.

epm: technology group finishes 2015 with a £4m automotive production contract

epm: technology group announce a £4m automotive production contract.

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contact us

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