The sense and strength of composite engineering.

The more momentum you build, the harder you are to stop. Simple science.

So in 1996, we started a business with a vision and built towards it, getting bigger, better and faster. In advanced composite components, we saw the future of high performance engineering. It’s a smart future, powerfully binding innovation with business sense. Composites like carbon fibre give structural performance and cost efficiency. Strong, light and versatile, you can instantly adjust designs, and add flexibility to future planning.

Composite components can be formed at various densities in limitless shapes and sizes. You can have the advanced composite capability that aerospace, defence and high performance motorsport demand. Whatever your industry and bespoke requirement, there’s probably a place for composite components.

And for a partner trusted with the production of carbon fibre components for four F1 motor racing teams, Olympic Team GB and the world’s most expensive yacht. epm:technology is now one of the UK’s most advanced carbon fibre component manufacturers.

With our help, more businesses are operating faster, more efficiently, and with more flexibility, by incorporating composite components. Like us, they’ve got engineering momentum. You can get some, too.